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Areas of Interest

In general, I am interested in the crossroads of where intrapersonal and interpersonal processes meet. More specifically, I examine relationships (e.g., between adult children and their parents, romantic partners, adults and God, law enforcement and their loved ones, etc.), typically using an attachment framework. Current projects include the links between attachment and sexual fantasy/desire, attachment and gaming, attachment and policing, and many others.

Alicia Limke-McLean

Associate Professor

University of Central Oklahoma


ALICIA ABBOTT (graduate student - experimental psychology) - Alicia is interested clients' perceptions of therapists' interests and actions in sessions and the potential impacts on therapeutic outcomes.

MEGAN ENGELHARD (graduate student - forensic psychology) - Megan's work focuses on the relationship characteristics of law enforcement personnel.

ADAM EVERSON (graduate student - counseling psychology) - Adam's work focuses on non-traditional (including non-monogamous) sexual orientation, relationships, and sexual experiences. He is currently pursuing a project investigating the link between sexuality and online gaming.

DANIELLE KILHOFFER (graduate student - counseling psychology) - Danielle is interested in how differences in the theological and personality backgrounds of clergy predict their responses to "crisis" situations of members of their churches.

CAYLA CHECORSKI, ASPEN ZERMENO, and TIANDREA RICE (undergraduate students) - Cayla, Aspen, and Tiandrea are investigating how attachment to parents predicts measures of sexuality.

COLBY DEAN and CHEYENNE CHRISTY (undergraduate students) - Colby and Cheyenne are working on a project in which they are investigating denominational and theological differences associated with relationship beliefs.

CODY HASBELL and KELSEY EICHELBERGER (undergraduate students) - Cody and Kelsey are investigating how presentations of religious material affect subsequent religious beliefs. 

ANNA MEYERDAVID BALL, and JAIRA BRAMBLETT (undergraduate students) - Anna, David, and Jaira are conducting a study to investigate how relationship beliefs are associated with safe sex practices. 

FORMER MEMBERS include Sarah Amin (UCO), Michelle Bailie (SNU), Aubrie Bayless (SNU), Tristan Bratcher (UCO), Elizabeth Cook (UCO), Brooke Crosby (SNU), Natalie Deitz-Bales West,  Jason Ferrell (UCO), Christi Ferrill (SNU), Victoria Gaetan (UCO), Machaelie Halsey (SNU), Jonathan Hart (SNU), Rachel Hudson (SNU), Alisa Huskey (UCO), R. Paul James (SNU), Sarah Kimbrell (UCO), Sophilia Lark-Woodbury (SNU), Jen Wen Ling (UCO), Susannah Lowell (SNU), Andrew Marra (SNU), Adrienne Martinez (UCO), Patrick Mayfield (UCO), Ashley Montgomery (SNU), Brooke Montoya (SNU), Maurice Murunga (SNU), Tricia Myers (SNU), Jacob Ogle (UCO), Shelly Oliver (SNU), Bree Paquette (SNU), Jeni Presley (UCO), Jennifer Pryse (SNU), Heather Shea Pope (SNU), Lindsey Rodman (SNU), Tiffany Russell (UCO), Kathryn Schrantz (UCO), Jennifer Scott (UCO), Scott Secor (SNU), Katherine Smith (SNU), Alison Squire (SNU), Matthew Stephenson (UCO), Carson Taylor (UCO), Corby Thompson (SNU), Kristopher Thompson (UCO), Nadine Wander (UCO), Shae Wick (SNU), and Donald Wood (UCO).

JOIN THE RESEARCH LAB! Interested in learning more about personality and social psychology? Apply to work in the research lab and gain valuable research experience! The research lab is always looking for hard-working, bright, and motivated student research assistants. Student research assistants gain hands-on experience doing a variety of tasks such as creating an annotated bibliography and writing a literature review, conducting analyses and interpreting findings, and/or collecting data by working with actual research participants. This can be a rewarding experience for anyone thinking of going to graduate school or just wanting to learn more about psychological research. In addition to actively participating in research, student research assistants might have the opportunity to present findings at conferences. This is also a good way to earn letters of recommendation.

To be eligible to join the lab either as a volunteer or for course credit (PSY 4900/5900) , student researchers must have completed PSY 2753 (Psychological Statistics) with a grade of B or better and should complete this questionnaire to begin the application process. Both volunteers and students seeking course credit are required to work a minimum of 8-10 hours per week. Thanks for your interest! 

​CURRENT NEEDS: I need students to assist with literature reviews/writing on manuscripts regarding the correspondence of mother/daughter attachment, differences in relationships to God by religious affiliations, identity development of non-religious individuals, cultural differences in meaning in life and psychological well-being, LGBT gamers' social support, and online sexuality. I also need students to assist with data collection in project regarding effects of media on relationship beliefs.

Nora D. Gayzur (University of Central Oklahoma) 

Paul C. Jones (Southern Nazarene University)

Caleb W. Lack (University of Central Oklahoma) 

Robert D. Mather (University of Central Oklahoma) 

Scott P. Secor (Southern Nazarene University

Carolin J. Showers (University of Oklahoma) 

Ronald W. Wright (Southern Nazarene University)

Virgil Zeigler-Hill (Oakland University)